Participatory policy review - "Supportive Tourism" concept for hand-in-hand rural and mountain development

Based on the research, acknowledging the increasing dependency on such a sensitive economic branch as tourism, we suggest the new tourism advancement concept under the title of “supportive tourism”.

Linkages Between Tourism and Community-Driven Economic Activities: Shaping Sustainability in Mountain Regions

From the perspective of respondents, the relationship between tourism and adjoined economic branches is not sound and sustainable in the study regions. The narratives affirm that they clearly realize the existing challenge and are willing to bridge this gap and find the appropriate solutions.

Transformation of Livelihood Practices in Rural and Mountainous Settlements Located at the Edge of Protected Areas in Georgia (2018-2019)

The research aims to delve into the process of how global phenomenon, namely expansion of tourism and protected areas shape livelihood practices of local mountain residents.

Linkages Between Tourism and Community - Driven Economic Activities - Shaping Sustainability in Mountain Regions (2018-2020)

the project serves primary aim to study the spatial peculiarities and obstacles of integration process of local community-driven economic activities with local tourism supply chain.

Fragmented development - Tourism-driven economic changes in Kazbegi, Georgia

we argue that the observed rapid growth of tourist sector in the areas under investigation triggers economic growth, however the development is still fragmented and incomplete, as other branches of economy like agriculture, trade, etc., that should be connected to tourism activities, do not enjoy the expected growth.