Divorce at a Young Age (18-24)


Fieldwork for the “Divorce at a Young Age (18-24)” project was conducted in 2013-2014. The biographic-narrative interview was used as a qualitative method. The object of the study was to identify factors which cause divorce at a young age. During the research project, primary and secondary data were analyzed. I used the databases of the National Statistical Office of Georgia and Georgia Barometer 2013 as secondary sources to identify social attitudes towards divorce and the scale and extent of divorce in the South Caucasus (Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia). The article discusses the historical development of divorce in Georgia, and the canonical justice approach to divorce. All the mentioned subjects elucidate the historical and religious perspective of public opinion toward divorce. The qualitative research analyzed hypothetical factors leading to youth divorce (18-24) including the couple’s socio-economic status before and after marriage, primary and family environment, readiness for living together, education and career. The study identifies factors, which cause divorce at young ages.

Journal of Young Researchers